Corporate Profile
Fastforward Logistics is an industry leader in logistics management. Located in the heart of Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana, a leading freight and passenger transport hub in Sub-Saharan Africa.
We offer high capacity infrastructure, proximity and accessibility to the West African sub-region, local and world markets, a critical factor for successful logistics management.

Fastforward Logistics value added service guarantees an overall efficiency in the supply chain, which ultimately allows companies to hold fewer inventories.

Fastforward Logistics has an experienced management team, with strategic logistics experts located around the globe and on call at all times to respond to all requests.
Fastforward Logistics is committed to refining and expanding its services by responding to customers' demands, enabling them to keep moving ahead with transacting business in Ghana and around the world. In today's competitive market place the distinction between winners and losers is the ability of companies to differentiate themselves through their service and product offerings.

For many firms, the service differentiation is accomplished by how well the logistics process is managed. To achieve excellence in logistics, successful firms ensure that the key logistics processes are aligned with the firm's business Strategy.

The mission of Fastforward Logistics is to support and enhance the competitiveness of its customers and ensure it maintains a service second to none.